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Distant Suns

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CGR is pleased to promote the Author Sam Manicom and his motorcycling adventure books. One of the worlds leading motorcycle authors his books have been read and reviewed the world over.

After four years adventuring across Africa, the Antipodes, Asia and the Middle East, (covered in his first two books Into Africa and Under Asian Skies) Sam Manicom was even hungrier for more. South America was the new dream, and when he realised that he could scrape enough money together to keep going, the adventure continued to roll. When his guardian angel was there for him, the journey was a combination of laughter, adrenaline burning fun and pure awe.

Linking up to ride with a German girl he’d first met while she was cycling through New Zealand, Sam Manicom headed first for Africa again and then across to South America by way of one of the most unusual methods a budget overlander could ever stumble across. Africa again? His new partner Birgit had said yes to traveling with him through South America, but on two conditions. She wanted to ride her own bike and she wanted to go to Africa first. The enthralling Distant Suns is based on Birgit Schunemann’s highly detailed diaries.

Sam says, I learnt from the people I met on the road that we don’t all have the ability to make dreams a reality. However, we can make high points happen and we should value them for what they are. We can also taste and develop our dreams through the adventures of others. Where would we all be without dreams?

Distant Suns is written for those of you fortunate enough to know that you can go out and live the dream. Value that, and just do it; go and travel – you’ll never regret it. This book is also written for those who love the sound of travel but are quite happy with adventure from the pages. We also love to be able to escape into a world of adventure and foreign lands from the comfort of our armchairs at the end of a working day. I hope you will enjoy the stunning, the beautiful, and the surprises.’

The 358 page Distant Suns  is packed with line drawings with the centre pages made up of colour photos


Few travel writers can conjure up sights and smells so provocatively as Sam. And with Birgit’s day-to-day diaries as the staple diet, he has hit upon a rich recipe for his readers. The Daily Record - Scotland


We reached the last section of the tarmac just as the sun dipped blood red below the silhouetted line of densely packed palm forest. As it did so, the sky started its rapid change from flaming orange into a deep midnight blue. This far south from the city of Mombassa, the sky was clear and quite unadulterated by man-made light. The lack of city pollution and wood-smoke from cooking fires meant that everything around us was sharp-edged. The clear midnight blue was only broken by spangles of brilliantly white stars.

But the dirt road in front of us disappeared into the dangerously dark shadows under the trees. There was just enough light left in the sky to be able to see that within a few metres, the gravel changed into patches of soft sand and rutted potholes. The cicadas were in full song in a warm slightly dank air that was scented with just a hint of tangy sea breeze. Beneath me, my bike engine ticked over calmly as it waited patiently to be told what to do next.’

‘In the very early mornings, when the sun was still low in the sky and so pale that it had almost no colour at all the market looked as if it was bathed in silver. The rooftops in front of the sun’s rays took on dark and mysterious shapes that blended and connected the forms of the different buildings into one sharp-edged, jagged line. Where there were streets in line with the rising sun, the cobbles took on the look of a river full of ripples and eddies. The silver below the buildings hid the years of old grease and grime on the stalls. Men’s breaths billowed out, clouding the air and women breathed into their shawls, leaving dewdrops of condensation that glittered in the sun. Dogs shivered beneath stalls made of chunky blocks of wood, plastic drinks crates, old bicycle wheels and sheets of tin.’

‘We found an old and derelict ACA (Argentine Motoring Organisation) petrol station. It was all closed down but it looked as if someone was living there and there was be plenty of space to stick our tent up without getting in anyone’s way. Birgit went and knocked on the door. Moments later a man who looked just like a shrivelled old mountain goat stuck his head out. He had a long, thin face which was topped by long straggly white hair, and his chin sported a perfect goatee beard. His voice didn’t match his face though – it was deep and humorous. ‘Si, of course you can camp here – choose your spot and make yourself welcome.’ The cost? ‘Nada, you are very welcome.’ When Birgit asked if it was safe to drink the water from the water tank on wheels outside his cabin, he replied with twinkling eyes, ‘Of course it’s safe to drink. After all, the worst that will happen is that you’ll die!’


‘This is a great story which reads with the ease of a novel. Distant Suns has it all: love, good guys, bad guys, beauty, danger, history, geography and last but not least-bikes! Distant Suns is a fast, easy and thoroughly enjoyable read. WebBikeWorld

Reader’s Feedback:

‘Fantastic read. There was no spin, no bullshit, no politik, no hidden publisher agenda, just you and your lady, indestructible BMers and a shit load of miles. So so well written. I have read so many of these travelogues, but the beauty is in the small things, and you captured them all. Mark - UK

358 Pages & 23 Colour Photos

Signed and personalised copies:  If you would like a signed or personalised copy e.g "To Fred from Sam".  Please leave a note in the comments.  No offensive content will be considered acceptable.


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